International Programs

Full-time International students attend our regular HCA classes and earn an American education with personal support for all their academic needs. Faculty provide extra attention and accommodations to our international students to help them adjust to a new home on Guam.  New international students benefit from our small-group, academic-focused ESL classes, which we call AES for Academic English Skills.  Students participate in these specialized classes for one class period per day aside from the regular schedule.  As a result of the academic challenge and personal support, students often acclimate quickly and graduate from the AES classes within 1 or 2 school years.

These classes focus on developing the four language skills in an academic environment.  Assignments focus on understanding lectures, doing presentations, writing essays, and reading both fiction and non-fiction even with sophisticated academic language.  Our students gain additional support in reading and writing from the Achieve 3000 literacy program.  With hard work, many international students are able to read on grade level after one year of study.  Students are tested and placed into the right level class to help them progress to English proficiency as quickly as possible.

Qualified applicants will be assisted with applying for a student (F-1) visa. Refer to the International Student Requirements for further details.

For more information about HCA’s International Education programs, please click the Requirements for International Students button below. Harvest is also an ETS-Authorized TOEFL iBT® Test Center.  To view additional information, click the TOEFL / Praxis® button below.

Grade LevelDays Per Week
K5-3rd Grade ESL class2 days a week
4th-6th Grade ESL reading class5 days a week
7th-8th Grade Beginning AES3 days a week
7th-8th Grade Intermediate AES2 days a week
9th-12th Grade Beginning AES3 days a week
9th-12th Grade Intermediate AES2 days a week