Achieve Academic Success

The HCA faculty, staff, and administration works hard every day to provide an outstanding K-12 education. We are committed to providing students in each grade level with an excellent academic experience. With age-appropriate methodologies, our teachers build critical thinking skills, while also focusing on traditional core subjects. HCA administrators use regular evaluations, accreditation protocols, and yearly standardized test scores in a continual process of school improvement to give our families the finest school experience and the best preparation for the future. HCA maintains its accreditation through - MSA (regional), NACSAA (national), and AACS (national).





For a brief overview of our grade levels, browse the tabs below. For a detailed explanation, view our Grade Profile Booklet. To learn how HCA prepares you for college, read about our college guidance counseling.

HCA's preschool and Kindergarten program is committed to partnering with parents in shaping an extraordinary future for your child right from the start.  The foundation is the most important part of any construction.  This is especially true for young minds.  The development of a child's brain begins before birth and continues through age five.  HCA's preschool and Kindergarten program builds from the foundation at home and the continues in the classroom.  HCA Pre-K and Kindergarten programs provide: a language rich environment, opportunities for academic development and well supervised social interaction.

Happy elementary student


HCA is accredited by the American Association of Christian School (AACS), Middle States Association Commissions on Elementary and Secondary Schools (MSACESS), and the North American Christian School Accrediting Agency (NACSAA).  MSACESS describes accreditation as the "affirmation that a school or other educational institution is providing the level of quality in its educational programs, services, activities, and/or resources expected by its community of stakeholders and endorsed by the education world."

Harvest has achieved the level of "Accredited with Distinction" which carries significant scholastic recognition.

Annual assessment

Annual assessment

Harvest uses the Iowa Basic and CogAt as a standardized benchmark to measure instructional effectiveness and academic achievement of HCA students.  This annual assessment measures the academic performance of our students in English language arts and math.  The result from the Harvest student population reveals several key points:

  • HCA builds a strong academic foundation in 1st through 3rd grade.
  • The strong foundation prepares for accelerated academic results culminating in high school scores that are 30+% higher than the U.S. average.