Fine Arts

Harvest Christian Academy is the only school on the island of Guam that offers a comprehensive Fine Arts program for students at all grade levels in the following areas:


The music department is committed to glorifying God and striving for excellence in developing each student’s God-given talent. For that reason, we introduce our fine music program to the earliest of learners on our campus. In addition, HCA is pleased to offer a variety of musical avenues for the older, budding musician.


HCA offers art instruction as an elective from elementary through high school. Our goal in teaching fine art is to direct our students’ attention to God, the Creator and Designer of all things.


The drama department desires to provide a philosophy of glorify God while cultivating a mastery in the craft of public speaking. Beginning in the classroom, each student is exposed to a supportive and creative environment. Classroom performances, monthly community competitions, and semester plays deliver the appropriate skill-practice for the performance-art-minded student.

Fine Arts - Orchestra
art show