Sports and Athletics

Harvest provides great opportunities for student athletes in high school and middle school. The Harvest Intramural Sports League (HISL) is also available to our 4th - 6th grade students. It is our goal to use athletics as a tool to grow and develop Christian character qualities in our students.  We hope to instill team work, goal setting, and wise stewardship of each athlete's gifts and talents in order to honor God.

Note: Sports uniform prices range from $50-$100 and will be communicated by the team head coach.


High School Sports

Girl's Tennis
Boy's Basketball
Boy's Tennis

HS Athletics


MS Athletics

Middle School Sports

Girl's Soccer
Boy's Volleyball


Elementary Sports – Harvest Intramural Sports League (HISL)

Harvest Intramural Sports League (H.I.S.L) is a 4th-6th grade sports program. H.I.S.L. is completely in-house where all the contests are hosted in our Family Life Center (FLC). The participants are our elementary student athletes, and the coaches and referees are HCA high school student athletes. Elementary athletes are able to participate in futsal, basketball, and volleyball. Each athlete is placed on a team in one of two leagues and have weekly contests and practices throughout the season.