Challenging Academics

What are challenging academics? We believe God has given each child unique abilities, strengths and weaknesses. HCA strives to both build our students in areas of weakness and challenge them in areas of strength. Our teachers employ carefully crafted curricula starting with foundational academics (i.e. Reading, Language, Mathematics, Social Studies, and Science). On this foundation, we build experiences and skills to prepare our students for leadership, success and fulfillment. Students explore their talents through music, art and athletics; they learn to be teachable through the study of foreign languages, life skills and literature; and they learn to influence through public speaking, drama and writing. We believe this unity of knowledge is possible through the unchanging and eternal Word of God.

Why do we believe in challenging academics? We believe that God has given us the responsibility to learn about, explore and protect the world around us. We also maintain that true success is not found in comparison to others, but in doing everything we find to do with all our might (Eccl. 9:10). This is why every student should be challenged to give his best – as unto the Lord (Col. 3:23). We believe that HCA’s academic curricula can be the awakening of a life-long passion and pursuit of learning and growing for our students.

How do we ensure challenging academics? HCA employs regular evaluations of students and teachers to maintain accountability to its mission and core values. For our students, yearly standardized tests measure their relative position to national norms. For our teachers, we maintain an extensive professional development program which includes new teacher weekly mentoring, monthly discussion topics, in-service workshops five times a year, and the provision for graduate coursework gratis. Also, as a part of our regional accreditation, each core academic department undergoes a year-long evaluation and revision of its curricula in relation to national standards.