Our Mission

Harvest Christian Academy exists to glorify God by helping students develop a heart for God while providing a quality education in a Christian environment.

Challenging Academics

HCA employs regular evaluations of students and teachers to maintain accountability to its mission and core values. For our students, yearly standardized tests measure their relative position to national norms. For our teachers, we maintain an extensive professional development program ranging from mentor programs for new teacher to funding masters degrees for teachers.  Also, as a part of our regional and national accreditation, each core academic department undergoes a year-long evaluation and revision of its curricula in relation to national standards.

Christian Environment

A school’s environment is made up of first impressions, individual encounters, and enforcement of its policies. Creating a Christian environment takes its lead from Christ’s example and principles from God’s Word. HCA’s philosophies are built on God’s Word – love the Lord with all your heart and love your neighbor as yourself (Mark 12:28-31).  The results of this kind of school culture are widespread and positive. Students can learn and develop their talents without fear of bullying, discrimination, or favoritism. Parents know that their children will be taught, disciplined, and corrected in love. Within this environment, teachers can focus on inspiring growth and knowledge.

Life Mentorship

Life mentorship is the investment of one individual into another individual to provide support, instruction, and encouragement.  Harvest Christian Academy creates an atmosphere of life mentorship by carefully hiring only the most qualified staff. We work very hard to ensure that every staff member has a strong heart of mentorship toward the next generation and that they are committed to that goal. As a staff, we continuously train and focus on our responsibilities as mentors.  Students that have been effectively mentored work harder, score better, and go farther than those without a personal mentor.