Young Authors Competition (YAC)

Harvest’s yearly Young Authors Competition (YAC) has come to a close with awards going to a few YAC veterans and a few new faces as well. We are proud of our students for pushing themselves through short story, essay, and poetry writing. Some never knew they enjoyed writing or were good at writing fiction until they began crafting their pieces for the contest.

Special thanks to Ahyen Madrid (Faith Bookstore) and May Camacho (BestSellers) for sponsoring our contest another year. We are grateful to these former school parents for their continued desire to invest in our current and future students. See the Contest Winners and the Overall Winning Works below.
Contest Winners:

Contest Winners

Pictured from left to right: Hailey Sablan, Dana Dalmacio, Diego Liu, Lilian Gokey, Kelvin Houston, and Valerie San Luis. *Not pictured - Kaylee Choi and Vivian Bradley.

Poem (9th-12th)

1st - Valerie San Luis

2nd - Dana Dalmacio

3rd - Diego Liu

Essay (9th-12th)

1st - Dana Dalmacio

2nd - Hailey Sablan

3rd - Kelvin Houston

Short Story (7th-9th)

1st - Tara Ferguson

2nd - Sandra Han

3rd - Trinity Terlaje

Short Story (10th-12th)

1st - Lilian Gokey

2nd - Vivian Bradley

3rd - Kaylee Choi

Pictured from left to right: Tara Ferguson, Sandra Han, and Trinity Terlaje


Overall Winning Works:


Valerie San Luis: Poetry Winner 9th -12th
Valerie_Poetry Writing

Dana Dalmacio: Essay Winner 9th -12th
Dana_Essay Writing

Tara Ferguson: Short Story Winner 7th-9th
Tara_Short Story Writing
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