2016 HCA Trebuchet Battle

2016 - Trebuchet Battle
2016 Trebuchet Battle

On April 1st, Mr. Borchardt’s Physical Science classes battled it out on the playground. This was not a battle of wits or athletic skill, but a contest of medieval proportions. The students built models of a simple war machine known as a trebuchet.

The students’ projects were tested to see if they passed the design specifications given to them in class and to see if they could throw a tennis ball a distance of 20 ft. Once these tests were passed, the students engaged in a tournament battle where the objective was to “destroy” the other team’s flag or trebuchets by hitting them with a tennis ball thrown from their own trebuchet. After an epic afternoon, the team of Alex Lee,  William Zhang, Jack Qu, and Charlie Cho named “ALEX WILL JACK QU up CHARLIE” emerged victorious!

2016 Trebuchet Battle
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