The Passing of Mr. Bob Shuck

This week we received word that our former librarian, Mr. Bob Shuck, passed away unexpectedly. Mr. Shuck worked in the college library setting for over 25 years, then moved to Guam in 1998 to oversee the Lang Memorial Library. He grew to love the Harvest students from kindergarten through high school. He automated the library upon arrival and continued to update and expand it using his expertise to help the students as well as faculty and staff. Reading to elementary classes and helping others to learn were his daily joys during the 23 years he faithfully served at Harvest.

He became “Mr. Bob” to many over the years and loved serving your children and families. His love for the island, her people, and the students truly made Guam his home and that was, in large part, due to the welcome and open arms extended to him by your families over the years. This past June, he retired and relocated to Florida where he was adjusting and getting settled before his unexpected passing.

We were saddened to learn of his passing; however, we know that Mr. Shuck is in Heaven with his Savior as he made a personal decision years ago to repent of his sins and invite Jesus Christ into his heart. We appreciate your support and care for our faculty and staff.

Thank you,

HCA Administration

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