Spirit Week 2017

Spirit Week is a favorite among all of our secondary students.  Who doesn’t love a week off from classes?  All of our 7th-12th grade students are involved in activities all day long, September 26-29.  It’s a tradition to have the students placed on teams.  This year, there are four teams, representing the special forces of the military.  Delta Force, Green Berets, Navy Seals, and Rangers.

Morning competitions start the day in the auditorium, and additional points are awarded through two games times each day and an academic quiz game.  The games are meant to get all students involved, and are often crazy!  Chapel services are twice during each day, the goal of helping students develop their heart for God.  There is also some extra free time, which is awesome to play some ball, talk with friends, or get to know the staff better.  The big question is “who is going to win this year?”

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