2016 Spirit Days

January 25th - 29th will be exciting days at Harvest Christian Academy! We will be having special chapels, fun themes and class competitions during our 2016 Spirit Days. This year students will be earning points for their grade level, and competing against other grade levels: K3-K4, K5-3rd Grade, 4th-6th Grade, 7th-8th Grade, and 9th-12th Grade.



Super Bowl – Wear any type of football shirt or accessories – double points for wearing something from the 4 teams left in the postseason


Country or Country Club – dress like a farmer or hunter or dress up like someone going to a fancy country club


(K3-6th Grade) – Occupation Day – dress up as any occupation – double points for dressing up like your parent’s occupation
(7th-12th Grade) – Kindergarten Day – pigtails, suspenders, funny socks, etc. – special “kindergarten” activities in classes throughout the day


Disney/Pixar Day – Come dressed as one of your favorite characters – double points for getting a group to represent all the main characters in a movie


Blue & Gold Day – wear navy/grey/gold/white shirts and knee length shorts – double points for wearing an official Eagle’s shirt


Monday – 4th-6th Grade

Tuesday – K5-1st Grade

Wednesday – 2nd-3rd Grade

Thursday – 7th-8th Grade

Friday – 9th-12th Grade

Favorite lunch on Blue & Gold Day: The seniors will be helping to serve a spaghetti fundraiser lunch on Friday – it will be the only lunch served in the cafeteria that day.

See Spirit Day's Winners.

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