Nurse’s Office

Madeline Brick

Madeline Brick, R.N.
Phone: 671-477-6341 ext. 280
Fax: 671-477-7136

Our goal is to make sure your child is safe while attending Harvest Christian Academy and to also keep you informed of any important health information.

Please remind your child to report to the Harvest nurse's office if they are not feeling well or have been injured. All students need to consult with the school nurse before making a determination about going home.

If there is ever an emergency where a child is injured or ill, it is important for Harvest Christian Academy to have the ability to communicate with that child's parents by phone. Please make sure emergency contact information is current at all times. If your contact information has changed, please contact the school office to notify us of any changes.

For any questions, please do not hesitate to call or email.

Madeline Brick, R.N.