National Honor Society Induction

Goals Reached!

There are those who desire more:  All of us in the HCA community know the typical challenges our students face with classes, homework, project deadlines, friendships, sports, drama, music and other extracurricular events.  Beyond these normal pressures is a group of teens and preteens that desire more.  They desire to succeed in life not just to go through it, to learn the art of leading through life’s pressures and then to lead well, and to have a disciplined management of whatever task is in front of them while faithfully accomplishing it for the glory of God.  They are the National Junior Honor Society members and National Honor Society members on our HCA campus.  Thirty-seven new members in our 7th-9th grade and thirty 10th-12th grade new members joined the NJHS and NHS club recently.  Each new member had to go through a rigorous induction process.

The induction ceremony like the one that took place on our campus Monday, September the 23rd began long before this formal event.  As one of the mottos of the club, “We are more than scholarship” means induction isn’t just raising your hand to volunteer for the job.  Proof of this is written into the by-laws of each individual chapter.  Each new potential member must qualify by academically touting a minimum cumulative grade point average of 3.75.  Beyond the academics, the potential new member’s character is assessed by teachers, principals, and the discipline council.  Only after approval can the newest member join the society.  Once inducted however, the challenge does not stop!  It takes work and long-term faithfulness to remain in this society.  Maintaining the cumulative grade point average, volunteering for 15 to 25 hours of community service per semester, and attending the society meetings and events all while ultimately displaying Christ-like choices in and out of school make these club members elite.

The benefits are immeasurable.  NJHS and NHS students are often the student-face of Harvest on our campus and in our community.  This mirrors the true goal of society events to nurture and develop each members into Christ-like future leaders. “This club in a way forces the students out of their comfort zones and is actively looking for places they can serve whether on campus or off campus,” says Miss Bere, the teacher-advisor for the society.  Past NJHS and NHS members have participated in Harvest House events on and off campus, tutoring for students through the San Miguel program, doing community beach cleanups, assisting teachers in classroom tasks, and participating in a multitude of other activities on and off-campus. “Our plan is to make it better,” says Jeffrey Kim, current president of the NHS club.  Jeffrey is thankful for the shaping influence prior members have had on him; he desires to be that to others while serving his society members in a greater way. Kim and his fellow officers, Jeli Villeza and Jordan Santos, aspire to provide their society members with more opportunities to serve within the school and community specifically emphasizing student-led initiatives.

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