Life Mentorship

What is life mentorship? Life Mentorship is committing to the investment of one individual into another individual with the purpose of providing support, instruction, and encouragement toward a desired outcome of reaching the maximum.

Why do we believe in life mentorship from our faculty and staff? Harvest Christian Academy is committed to Life Mentorship for multiple reasons. First, we are commanded by Jesus Christ to “make disciples” of all the world. As most of us understand when someone is speaking their last words they hold great value and importance. These were the final words of Jesus Christ before he left us in bodily form to be with His Father. Since discipling and mentoring others was so important that He chose this as His final communication to His followers, we must work hard to accept His challenge and become life mentors for others. Secondly, much academic research proves that combining high expectations with an attitude of positive support creates an atmosphere that will propel a student farther spiritually, emotionally, and academically. Harvest Christian Academy is committed to mentoring the next generation of leaders to an extraordinary future!

How do we create an atmosphere of life mentorship? Harvest Christian Academy creates an atmosphere of life mentorship by carefully hiring only the most qualified staff. Hiring stellar scholars is simply not enough. We work very hard to ensure that every hire has a strong heart of mentorship toward the next generation and they are committed to that end. Once the teachers are here working for us, we continually train and focus them on their responsibilities as mentors. Our teachers go way beyond the requirements as a teacher to mentor life change in their students.

What are the effects of life mentorship? When a person has a mentor they look up to and that mentor truly believes in them and can keep their focus on what they can accomplish mentees almost always flourish. Unfortunately we find too many times when a bright student begins to languish and struggle in schools because they have no positive influence caring for their future. The key ingredient to effective mentoring is hope. When a student has hope for what they can become they have a built in motivator moving them forward toward success. Students that have been effectively mentored work harder, score better and go farther than their peers that lack a personal mentor. At Harvest Christian Academy we strive to personally mentor each student to push them toward goals beyond what they can imagine.