Life Mentorship

Life mentorship is the investment of one individual into another individual to provide support, instruction, and encouragement.  Harvest Christian Academy creates an atmosphere of life mentorship by carefully hiring only the most qualified staff. We work very hard to ensure that every staff member has a strong heart of mentorship toward the next generation and that they are committed to that goal. As a staff, we continuously train and focus on our responsibilities as mentors.  Students that have been effectively mentored work harder, score better, and go farther than those without a personal mentor.


Key Metrics of Life Mentorship

  • Testimony of Graduates: Our graduates consistently tell us how their Harvest education has grown and shaped their character.
  • Returning Alumni: Due to lasting relationships and personal impact, Harvest has a significant number of graduates serving at Harvest Ministries. We count it the highest privilege when an alumni returns to serve at Harvest.