International Day

Friday, September 22 is a special day at Harvest to celebrate the diversity of cultures represented at our school.  All students are encouraged to wear a traditional costume from their country or any other location around the world.  In designing costumes, please keep in mind the school’s standards of modesty (skirt length to the knee, etc.). It is acceptable for a girl to wear pants if it is a part of the traditional costume (Indian, Chinese, etc.).

Senior Class Fundraising Lunch:

The senior class will be hosting a lunch on Friday in celebration of International Day.  This will be the ONLY meal the cafeteria will serve that day.   If you haven't returned a lunch order form, please fill it out and return it to your child’s homeroom teacher by Wednesday, September 20. If you choose to purchase a meal, it will be automatically billed to your account. Please do not send cash or check.  Additional information is available in the links below. The profits from this lunch will go toward the HCA seniors' trip in April.

If you have questions concerning the International Day Lunch, please contact the School Office at 477-6341.

Lunch menu includes:

- Chamorro Chicken with Thai Rice and Finadene
- Korean Kimchee, Filipino Lumpia and Japanese Sushi
- Hawaiian Pineapple
- Drink

Early Dismissal:

Grades K3-3rd at 12:30 pm
Grades 4th-6th at 12:45 pm
Grades 7th-11th at 1:00 pm

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