HeBrews Renovation

Welcome Harvest Family!

If you stopped by the HeBrews Café recently, you might have noticed some nice décor changes. The goal is for HeBrews to become a central place to find information concerning school activities and events. "This renovation was driven by the desire for people to have a welcoming place to find refreshment and encouragement from their busy lives," says Jeanna Zajicek, HeBrews manager. We think the new changes definitely reflect that.

One interesting aspect of the renovation is the Asia-Pacific centric world map on the back wall. HeBrews Café has always donated its profits toward missional work. The map will highlight this missional aspect. Soon, the map will show the specific projects that will be supported. The hope is to show customers how their cup of coffee is impacting the world for the Gospel.

If you have not been able to yet, be sure to stop by!

COMING SOON!  Valentine's drinks in February will include Red Velvet Hot Chocolate and Chocolate Covered Strawberry Frappes. In addition to the coffee, muffins and bagels, our bakery case will soon include turnovers and monkey bread.

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