HCA Sports for 2018-2019

The start of the 2018-2019 school year is fast approaching and we are definitely excited to see what's in store for our HCA sports program this year!

Please make sure you are familiar with the sports forms that are mandated by the IIAAG, the league Harvest participates in.  Sports forms are available for download by clicking the button below or by picking up a printed copy available in the main or athletic office.  Please note that these forms are also required for athletes to attend tryouts. The first quarter tryout schedules for high school and middle school sports are shown below.

Sports Form packet breakdown:

Parental Consent

The first form in the packet is labeled “Permission to Participate on an Interscholastic Sports Team.” We refer to this form as “Parental Consent.” This form signifies that an athlete’s parent or guardian has given their permission for their child to participate in Harvest Athletics. It must be signed and dated by the parent or guardian.

Concussion Information Sheet

Concussions are serious injuries, and unfortunately they are not treated properly by coaches and officials. This sheet details the symptoms and treatment for a concussion. It must be read, signed, and dated by both the parent or guardian and the athlete. It’s important for the safety of the athletes that everyone is informed on the danger of concussions.

Participation Agreement

This form is a hold harmless form required by the IIAAG. It must be read, signed, and dated by the parent or guardian. Parent or guardian contact information is also required.

All of the above forms must be renewed every school year.

Sports Physical

The “Physical Examination Form,” or “Sports Physical,” must be completed by a physician. This includes a primary care doctor, but can also be conducted at an Express Care. The sports physical expires annually. In other words, the sports physical will cover an athlete for exactly one year from the date on which it was completed.

If you have questions, please contact Matthew Noland, Athletic Director at matthew.noland@hbcguam.net.

Harvest Athletics Tryouts Schedule

HS - Volleyball - GirlsHS - Cross CountryHS - GolfMS - Basketball - GirlsMS - Soccer - Boys
TIYAN logoTiyanFriday, September 14, 20185:30pmTiyan
ACADEMY logoAcademySaturday, September 15, 20185:30pmAcademy
SOUTHERN HIGH logoSouthernMonday, September 17, 20185:30pmSouthern
GW logoGWTuesday, September 18, 20185:30pmHarvest
SOUTHERN HIGH logoSouthernFriday, September 21, 20185:30pmHarvest
NOTRE DAME logoNotre DameSaturday, September 22, 20185:30pmNotre Dame
GHS logoGuam HighTuesday, September 25, 20185:00pmGuam High
JFK logoJFKThursday, September 27, 20185:30pmJFK
Quarter-FinalsFriday, October 5, 20185:30pmTBA
Semi Finals
Tuesday, October 9, 2018
FinalsThursday, October 11, 2018
JFK logoJFKThursday, September 13, 20184:30pmHarvest
ST JOHNS logoSt. John'sMonday, September 17, 20184:30pmSt. John's
BYE: HarvestThursday, September 20, 20184:30pmBYE
FD/AOLGMonday, September 24, 20184:30pmFD
OKKODO logoOkkodoThursday, September 27, 20184:30pmOkoddo
SOUTHERN HIGH logoSouthernMonday, October 01, 20184:30pmHarvest
TIYAN logoTiyanThursday, October 04, 20184:30pmHarvest
GHS logoGuam HighTuesday, October 8, 20184:30pmGuam High
All Island ChampionshipThursday, October 12, 2018
FD/AOLGTuesday, September 25, 2018 - RESCHEDULED4:00pmTBA
OKKODO logoOkkodoThursday, September 27, 20184:00pmTBA
JFK logoJFKTuesday, October 2, 20184:00pmTBA
MCAMonday, October 1, 2018 - MAKEUP GAME4:00pmTalofofo
MCAThursday, October 4, 20184:00pmTBA
ST JOHNS logoSt. John'sTuesday, October 9, 20184:00pmTBA
GHS logoGuam HighThursday, October 11, 20184:00pmTBA
BYE: HarvestTuesday, October 16, 20184:00pmTBA
FD/AOLGThursday, October 18, 20184:00pmTBA
All-Island ChampionshipTuesday, October 23, 20188:00amAnderson
ST JOHNS logoSt. John'sThursday, September 13, 20185:30pmSt. John's
SAN VICENTE logoSan VicenteMonday, September 17, 20185:30pmFD Jungle
ST PAUL logoSt. PaulThursday, September 20, 20185:30pmSt. Paul
BISHOP logoBishopThursday, September 27, 20185:30pmHarvest
ANDERSON logoAndersenMonday, October 1, 20185:30pmAndersen
ST ANTHONY logoSt. AnthonyThursday, October 4, 20185:30pmHarvest
SANTA BARBARA logoSanta BarbaraThursday, October 11, 20185:30pmHarvest
MT CARMEL logoMt. CarmelMonday, October 15, 20185:30pmHarvest
MCCOOL logoMcCoolThursday, October 18, 20185:30pmHarvest
ST ANTHONY logoSt. AnthonyTuesday, September 18, 20184:30pmHarvest
ST JOHNS logoSt. John'sFriday, September 21, 20184:30pmSt. John's
ST PAUL logoSt. PaulTuesday, September 25, 20184:30pmSt. Paul
BYEFriday, September 28, 20184:30pm
BISHOP logoBishopTuesday, October 2, 20184:30pmHarvest
ST ANTHONY logoSt. AnthonyFriday, October 5, 20184:30pmHarvest
ST JOHNS logoSt. John'sTuesday, October 9, 20184:30pmHarvest
ST PAUL logoSt. PaulFriday, October 12, 20184:30pmHarvest
BYETuesday, October 16, 20184:39pm
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