Christian Environment

A school’s environment is made up of first impressions, individual encounters, and enforcement of its policies. Creating a Christian environment takes its lead from Christ’s example and principles from God’s Word. HCA’s philosophies are built on God’s Word – love the Lord with all your heart and love your neighbor as yourself (Mark 12:28-31).  The results of this kind of school culture are widespread and positive. Students can learn and develop their talents without fear of bullying, discrimination, or favoritism. Parents know that their children will be taught, disciplined, and corrected in love. Within this environment, teachers can focus on inspiring growth and knowledge.

Key Metrics of the Christian Environment at HCA

  • Student Retention: Year after year, Harvest exceeds student retention rates identified in national surveys. More than 90% of our students return each year.
  • Curriculum: HCA invests in high quality curriculum to use as the foundation for student instruction. Our curriculum drives academic rigor and the development of critical thinking skills through the lens of a biblical worldview.