Middle School Sports

About Middle School Athletics

Middle school athletic programs are designed to maximize student opportunities to participate.  The ultimate goal is to provide a healthy, positive after school activity that emphasizes character education. Harvest Christian academy competes in the IIAAG for middle school sports. Our middle school sports program is open to current 6th-8th graders.

Middle School Sports by Quarter

1st Quarter2nd Quarter3rd Quarter4th Quarter
MS Girls Basketballjtaylor@hbcguam.net
MS Boys Soccerjason.martin@hbcguam.net
MS Girls Volleyballheather.white@hbcguam.net
MS Boys & Girls X Countryklloyd@hbcguam.net
MS Girls Soccerkatie.wendal@hbcguam.net
MS Boys Volleyballmatthew.noland@hbcguam.net
MS Boys BasketballTBD

Middle School Sports Schedule

MS - Girls Soccer
ST ANTHONY logoSt. AnthonyMonday, March 11, 20194:30UPDATED LOCATION: Harvest
ST PAUL logoSt. PaulTuesday, March 12, 20194:30Harvest
BYEFriday, March 15, 2019


Boys MS Soccer

Coach - Jason Martin
Asst. Coach - Jeffery Fain

Girls MS Soccer

Coach - Katie Mills
Asst. Coach - Esther Simonaire



Boys MS Basketball

Coach - Josh Taylor
Asst. Coach - undecided

Girls MS Basketball

Coach - Josh Taylor
Asst. Coach - Emilee Hansel


Boys MS Volleyball

Coach - Matthew Noland

Girls MS Volleyball

Coach - Heather White

Cross Country

MS Cross Country

Coach - Kristen Lloyd
Asst. Coach - Ben Middlebrook