Faculty and Staff

The faculty and staff of Harvest Christian Academy are dedicated to the ministry of educating the whole child-mentally, physically, socially, and spiritually.

To contact any of our faculty and staff, please search for their name in the tables below and click on their email link listed.  If you are unsure of the appropriate person you should contact, visit the Contact Us page, select "General Questions", and fill out the "Message*" field.  Your submission will be reviewed and routed to the correct individual.

If you are interested in joining the HCA staff, please visit the Careers and Summer Ministry page.

HCA Administration

Pastor Gary Walton

Lead Pastor

Jeremy Zajicek

Academy Administrator

Dr. Joy Stouffer
Elementary Principal
(K3-3rd Grade)
Joshua Taylor
Middle School Principal (4th-8th Grade)
Lawrence Nagengast

High School Principal
(9th-12th Grade)


Pastoral StaffAdministrationOffice StaffOperations Staff
 Name Email Position
Pastoral Staff
Gary Walton    gary.walton@hbcguam.net    Lead Pastor
Bryan Lenartzblenartz@hbcguam.netAssistant Pastor / Adult Education & Events
Ken Keithken.keith@hbcguam.netAssistant Pastor / Missions & Summer Programs
Larry Nagengastlarry.nagengast@hbcguam.netAssistant Pastor / Adult Education
Dr. Yoh Shiratoyashirato@hbcguam.netAssistant Pastor / Japanese Ministry
Jeremy Zajicekjeremy.zajicek@hbcguam.netAssistant Pastor / Academy Administrator
 Name Email Position
HCA Administration
Gary Waltongary.walton@hbcguam.netLead Pastor
Jeremy Zajicekjeremy.zajicek@hbcguam.netAssistant Pastor / Academy Administrator
Dr. Joy Stoufferjstouffer@hbcguam.net
Elementary Principal (K3-3rd Grade)
Joshua Taylorjtaylor@hbcguam.netMiddle School Principal (4th-8th Grade)
Lawrence Nagengastlnagengast@hbcguam.netHigh School Principal (9th-12th Grade)
Administrative Team
Gary Waltongary.walton@hbcguam.netLead Pastor
Jeremy Zajicekjeremy.zajicek@hbcguam.netAssistant Pastor / Academy Administrator
Cliff Paulincpaulin@hbcguam.net
Finance / Operations
Scott Millsscott.mills@hbcguam.net
HBBC Director
Management Team
Bryan Lenartz blenartz@hbcguam.netAssistant Pastor
Ken Keithken.keith@hbcguam.netAssistant Pastor / Summer Programs
Timothy Pratttpratt@hbcguam.net
Facilities Director
Jet Canda jestler.canda@hbcguam.netEvents Coordinator
Jeremy Wendaljeremy.wendal@hbcguam.netCampus Store Manager
Matt Noland matthew.noland@hbcguam.netAthletic Director
Andrew Dongon adongon@hbcguam.netMusic Director
Hwa Jeong Cho hwajeong.cho@hbcguam.netFinance Director
Chris Harperchristopher.harper@hbcguam.net
Radio / Website Director
Reyz Romoreyz.romo@hbcguam.netAV Director / Website
Carl Giese cgiese@hbcguam.netIT Director
Joe Sarniejoe.sarnie@hbcguam.netVideographer
Myrna Dejesa mdejesa@hbcguam.netA/R Manager / Front Office
Jessica Castrojessica.castro@hbcguam.netHuman Resources Manager
Jon Marshalljonathan.marshall@hbcguam.net
International Division Director
Robert Shuckrshuck@hbcguam.netLibrarian / HBBC Registrar
 Name  Position
Office Staff
Myrna DejesaA/R Manager
Jo Infante A/R Clerk
Tessie EckertA/P / Payroll Clerk
Sara PrattFinance Assistant
Faith WaltonFinance Assistant
Jessica CastroHuman Resources Manager
Samantha KeithEvents Assistant
Brianne RomoHCA Enrollment Manager
Jet Canda Events Coordinator
Pam DanielPastor's Secretary
Deborah White Receptionist
Juan AguonFront Office Clerk
Tiffany Caluag Front Office Clerk
Laura Mills HBBC Admin. Assistant
Lindsay NagengastHCA Admin. Assistant
Christy MarshallChurch Admin. Assistant
Abigail Schooley Graphic Designer
Ben Olson Asset Mgnt. Coordinator
Joe SarnieVideographer
 Name  Position
Operations Staff
Ben MiddlebrookeAudio Video Assistant
Robert CastroFood Service Director
Renza LemuelCafeteria Cashier
Terrie IgnacioCafeteria Cashier
Cindy PadockKitchen Assistant
Mercy MoralesKitchen Assistant
Sarah DavisHead Chef
Bethany TaylorHarvest House Director
Amanda WaltonHarvest House Admin. Assistant
Story Mangmathau Housekeeping Worker
Jeremy WendalCampus Store Manager
Megan PetersonBarista / Sales Associate
Carl GieseIT Director
Titus Baugus IT Assistant
Robert ShuckLibrarian / HBBC Registrar
Timothy PrattFacilities Director
Abigail ThompsonFacilities Admin. Assistant
Bert FantonalgoMaintenance Worker
Randy LemuelMaintenance Worker
Uri SchallhornMaintenance Worker
Greg RoystonMaintenance Worker
Stefan PetersonMaintenance Worker
Edwin Mangmathau Maintenance Worker
Francis MasatakaFacilities HVAC Tech.
Rachel Champ Nurse
Cindi JohnsonNurse
Marie HamrickNurse's Assistant
Chris HarperRadio / Website Director
Sebastian BasalduaRadio Production Assistant
Deborah HarperRadio Production Assistant
Reyz RomoWebsite / AV Director
Joe SarnieVideographer
Detmer BerdonSecurity


Kindergarten to 3rd Grade Faculty4th Grade to 6th Grade Faculty7th to 12th Grade FacultyCollege Guidance Office
 Name  Position
HCA Kindergarten, 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Grade Faculty
Emie InfanteStaff Nursery
Regoice Refilong K3
Sierra Coker K3
Bethany ReaK4
Trish SchallhornK4
Martha TaitanoK4
Megan BashoreK5
Alyssa LevyK5
Dacia Prins K5
Kari Peterson1st Grade
Rachel Cochran1st Grade
Miranda Royston 1st Grade
Hope Baugus 2nd Grade
Patty Clodfelter2nd Grade
Lauren Morgan 2nd Grade
Shannon Lovmo3rd Grade
Jacqueline Smith3rd Grade
Jennifer Brunson 3rd Grade
Jessica Basaldua ESL Teacher 1st – 3rd Grade
 Name  Position
HCA 4th, 5th, and 6th Grade Faculty
Lisa Oakley4th Grade English
Debbie Staley4th Grade Math
Laura Stevens4th Grade Reading
Rachel Macapinlac5th Grade English
Laura Calhoun5th Grade Math
Eden Fleck 5th Grade Reading
Jeff Fain 6th Grade English
Kristen Lloyd6th Grade Math
Allison Burak 6th Grade Reading
Kelly SchlarbMusic / Strings
Andrew DongonMusic / Band
Lisa FlowerMusic / Honor Choir / Piano
Kendrick InfanteMusic / Band / Piano
Katie WendalArt / Computer
Dayna Royston Art / Computer
Janae JorgensenElementary PE
 Name  Position
HCA Junior & Senior High Faculty
Kelly Nupson7th Grade Homeroom / English / Speech
Bethany Nething 7th Grade Math / Science
Judson Morris 7th Grade Homeroom / History
Ruth Anne Giese8th Grade Homeroom / History
Emilee Hansel 8th Grade Homeroom / English / ESL
Jason Martin8th Grade Homeroom / Computers
Amanda Todd 9th Grade Homeroom / History
Daniel Gibbons9th Grade Homeroom / Spanish
Megan Morris 9th Grade Homeroom / Math
Travis Belyus10th Grade Homeroom / Science
Jon Marshall10th Grade Homeroom / ESL Director / English
Ashley McNally10th Grade Homeroom / Science
Holly Novak11th Grade Homeroom / History
Lindsay Hashberger11th Grade Homeroom / Math
Brandon Pegarido11th Grade Homeroom / Art / Life Skills
Stephanie Jensen12th Grade Homeroom / English
Kendrick Infante12th Grade Homeroom / Music / Ukulele / Piano
Katie Wendal Art
Bonnie DongonEnglish
Lisa FlowerJunior High Choir / Piano
Vlad VallejoMusic
Yoh ShiratoJapanese / Life Skills
Okju ChungKorean
Ken KeithLife Skills
Bryan LenartzLife Skills
Aaron Engelhardt Life Skills
Lawrence NagengastLife Skills / Psychology
Leah BereGuidance Counselor / Science / Math
Deborah DentonSpeech
Kelly SchlarbOrchestra Director
Matt Noland Athletic Director / PE
Bryce Collier PE / Life Skills / MathCounts
Heather WhitePE
College Guidance Office
Leah Bere
Lawrence Nagengast