K3 – 3rd

K3 - K5:

Language Development

K3 - Receptive/listening and expressive/speaking skills, vocabulary, introduction to letters and sounds
K4 - Continuing receptive and expressive skills, following directions, capital and lower case letters
K5 - Emphasis on reading, consonate-vowel-consonate words, simple sentences, comprehension, sentence writing


K3 - Numeral/letter differentiation, counting orally, one-to-one correspondence
K4 - Numeral recognition, counting and writing 1-20, recognition of geometric shapes
K5 - Numeric order and writing 0-100, number concepts, oral counting by 1’s, 5’s and 10’s, addition/subtraction, ordinal position, time and money/coins

Extracurricular Classes

Bible - Daily
Chapel - K5-Weekly
Music - K5-Weekly

1st - 3rd:


1st - Phonics mastery, comprehension, silent and oral reading, fluency and expression
2nd - Phonics review, emphasis on comprehension (literal, critical, interpretive, and appreciative)
3rd - Emphasis on enjoyment of reading through class reading of short stories, novels, and poetry, on-going development of comprehension through vocabulary building


1st - Sequencing, place value, addition, subtraction, telling time, calendar, money, measurement, introduction to fractions and concept of multiplication
2nd - Review and development of math concepts, computation and problem solving
3rd - Addition/subtraction/multiplication/division of multi-digit numbers, estimation, decimals


1st - Capitalization and punctuation, guided writing, weekly spelling lists
2nd - Oral expression of ideas, correct grammar and sentence mechanics, creative writing, weekly spelling lists
3rd - Utilization of parts of speech and correct grammar and punctuation in daily work, the writing process, journaling, weekly spelling lists


1st - Studying God’s care and learning to trust His principles in everyday life
2nd - Learning about the Bible thematically and chronologically and how to live
3rd - Lessons spanning from Creation to Revelation


1st - US history from Native Americans to the Plymouth Colony
2nd - US history from the colonies to the founding of the nation
3rd - US history from the Constitutional Convention through the Civil War


1st - Weather, seasons, health and safety, sound, animals and plants, sun, moon, and stars, matter
2nd - Environment, fossils and dinosaurs, parts of the earth, natural resources, movement, heat, the systems of the body
3rd - Solar system, skin, photosynthesis, sound, rocks and minerals, motion, food chain, animal classification

Extracurricular Classes

Chapel - 1st- 3rd grade students meet as a group for chapel once a week
Computer/Library/Physical Education/Music/Elementary Art  - Classes meets weekly
Piano Lab - Music faculty are available for beginning, intermediate, and advanced lessons (students must be 2nd grade or older)
Art Enrichment - Students may sign up for weekly after school art classes