4th – 8th

 4th - 6th:

Core Subjects:

Math - Advanced sections in 5th and 6th Grade (Math Olympiad 1st place team for 5th Grade Guam Competition, 2013)
English - Laying the foundation for grammar and improving writing skills
Reading - Mastery of the following concepts: main idea, cause and effect, identifying character traits, setting and characterization

Homeroom Subjects:

Bible - Students learn how the principles of God’s Word can help them gain victory in the race of life
History - American History through the Twentieth Century and World History from Ancient times to the Middle Ages
Science - Variety of topics taught with an emphasis on critical thinking and hands-on learning
Spelling - Vocabulary and spelling words increase comprehension and writing skills

Extracurricular Classes:

Chapel - 4th-6th grade meet as a group for chapel once a week


- Class meets weekly with a trained music teacher

- Other opportunities available: Honor Choir, Beginning Band, Beginning Strings, piano lessons, strings lessons

Physical Education

- Class meets weekly with a PE teacher

- Other opportunities available: Quarterly Intramural sports in volleyball, basketball, futsol and handball

 - 6th Grade may try-out for Middle School IIAAG League sports

Computer/Library/Art - Class meets weekly
Art Enrichment - Weekly art lessons also aavailable after school

7th - 8th

Core Subjects:

Math - 7th-Regular and Advanced sections of Pre-Algebra; 8th-Regular and Advanced sections of Algebra I

MathCounts - The HCA team of students from the Advanced Problem Solving class.

•1st place team on island 2009-2013.
•Top 3 individuals scores on island for 2013-represented Guam for MathCounts final in Washington, D.C. American Mathematics Competition 8
•Top 2 individual scores on island for 2012: Guam’s only “Distinguished Honor Roll”

English - 
Grammar and Literature

History - 7th-World History; 8th-America History

Science - 7th-Life Science; 8th-Earth Science

Physical Education - 2 Quarters

Keyboarding/Music Appreciation/Reading  - 1 Quarter

Electives and Extracurricular Activities -
Art, Junior High Band, Junior High Choir, Computer, Speech, ESL, Ukulele, Percussion,
Advanced Problem Solving, Study Hall

Sports - 
IIAAG middle school teams in soccer, volleyball, basketball and cross country
Middle School Academic Challenge Bowl
Competes against private and public middle schools

Life Skills/Chapel